Travel Savings

Giving you cost-effective corporate travel

FCm generates business travel savings by guaranteeing time and cost efficiencies in your travel management.
Our job is to look at your travel patterns, pinpoint the inefficiencies, and educate you on ways to improve your travel management and reduce costs. By studying your company’s culture, and making some simple changes to the way your people book and conduct their business travel, valuable savings can often be achieved.
Using our flexible business model, we put your unique needs at the centre of our dedicated teams. We deliver services and solutions that are completely tailored, and 100% focused on long-term travel savings for your company. We create value through a blend of attributes:
  • The bulk buying power of FCm’s global network
  • Best corporate travel fares of the day (BFOD)
  • A worldwide hotel program that delivers globally competitive rates
  • Being a market leader in corporate travel pricing strategies
  • Offering price elasticity to keep abreast of market trends
  • Educated, commercially-minded people who proactively manage every facet of corporate travel
  • Advanced technologies that streamline your travel management processes
  • An accountable and measured approach to reducing your business travel costs over time.
To learn more about how we can save on your corporate travel spend, contact us now.