Environmental Policy

Greening the planet

In all parts of the world, FCM Travel Solutions values its natural and urban environments. Sound environmental practices form an important part of our sustainable development policy and we are committed to protecting our surrounding environs in our day-to-day operations.
  • We aim to nurture a corporate culture in which all members of our global family respect the environment, and play a willing role in our protection of the environment. Our commitment involves the following:
  • Operating in total compliance with the environmental laws that apply in each country or region
  • Ensuring our activities and operations are designed to help prevent and effectively manage any impacts on the environment
  • Continuously educating our people on sound environmental practices and how they can support these in their day-to-day roles
  • Ensuring we give consideration to the environmental practices and standards of industry suppliers and other contractors with whom we are seeking to partner, ensuring they equal our own level of commitment
  • Operating as efficiently as possible in our use of energy and materials, including the minimisation of carbon emissions and waste generation through practices such as issuing e-tickets rather than paper tickets, recycling of paper used within FCm offices, and the re-use of other applicable materials
  • Working cooperatively with all of our clients, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders in minimising environmental impacts and addressing any concerns they may have
  • Continuously monitoring and improving on our environmental performance and standards.